Other Modules


Android applications may have resources which are additional static content such as bitmaps, user interface strings, configuration values, and others. Some simple resources may be set for certain packages using the resources option.

For example, the settings available here may be configured in robotnix by setting (for example):

  resources."frameworks/base/core/res".config_displayWhiteBalanceAvailable = true;

The first key refers toe the relative path for the package resources, and the second key refers to the resource name. The resource type is automatically determined based on value set. Setting resources.<path>.<name>.type can be used to override the automatically determined type. Available values types are bool, integer, dimen, color, string, integer-array, and string-array. If this manual override is used, the value must be set using resources.<path>.<name>.value.


Set ccache.enable = true in configuration, and be sure to pass /var/cache/ccache as a sandbox exception when building. In NixOS, to set up the cache, also run (as root):

# mkdir -p -m0770 /var/cache/ccache
# chown root:nixbld /var/cache/ccache
# echo max_size = 100G > /var/cache/ccache/ccache.conf

This option only applies to the Android build process. (It does not apply to chromium, kernels, etc.) CCache support is deprecated in upstream AOSP, and might be removed from robotnix in the future.